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27 Jul 2018
by Noodle


Good morning, everyone!

We meet again for a new blog post.
As Sinsem pointed out earlier, we are in a somewhat calmer period in terms of production (even though I am working on a big building right now, but it’s a secret).
So I wanted to tell you about one of my crazy graphic designer ideas: What if we made an encyclopedia for Lethis – Path of Progress II?
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16 Jul 2018
by Sinsem

Behind the scenes

It’s been a slow couple of weeks for us.

First of all, it’s July and usually France go in slow motion mode until the end of August.

Also, small detail, but it was also the world cup, and it turned out that we were a lot more engaged than we thought in supporting our national team.

It ended better than in 2006 so we’re kind of happy!

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14 Jun 2018
by Noodle

The Well

Hello everybody!

Here we are again for a new Devblog article focused on game graphics.
And today we’re going to talk about nothing less than building improvements.

Because yes, in Lethis – Path of Progress II service buildings can be upgraded to keep up with your residential neighborhoods.
We will come back to the functionalities of building improvement later to focus on the artistic approach for now.

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23 Apr 2018
by Noodle


Here we are! The first devblog post of this new adventure.
But let’s start at the beginning and give you a bit of context. Triskell Interactive is two people: Sinsem & Noodle. A duo that started in 2007… on the internet!
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