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Lethis – PoP II on Twitch!

28 Apr 2020
by Noodle

Hello everyone!

It seems that this blog has never been as active as it has been lately!
Today’s subject is:
Development, or at least graphic research, around Path of Progress II live on Twitch!

PSA: Lethis – Path of Progress II is not in active development, we’re still in production on our current game, so it’s basically researches, and stuff done in the evenings

And yes… We opened our Twitch channel recently, and we’ve been there regularly since its opening, either to draw and talk about the Lethis universe with you, or to share the creation of “Lethis at War”, the wargame in the Lethis universe I develop in my spare time.

In short, we got out of our cave, for our greatest pleasure, to share with you these little moments of research, these sketches, these stories, these ideas that come to us and that advance the great History of our games and our universe.

So far the streams are in French, we’re looking at a way to be able to communicate in English, but since we’re new at this, it’s easier to start in our own language.
Once we’ll be comfortable enough, we’ll try it and you’ll be able to witness our adorable French accents.
In the meantime, you can either learn French, or just enjoy the drawings with your own music in the background!

So we’ll see you on Twitch ( to discuss with us, exchange about Lethis and a lot of other things! All the reruns of the lives are available on VOD on our youtube channel.

I hope we’ll have the pleasure to discuss with you soon!



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