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It’s back-to-school season!

06 Sep 2018
by Noodle

Hello everyone!

It’s already September and the back-to-school blues… If for schoolchildren, it rhymes with distaste (I’m the happy father of a little boy who’s just started school, I know what I’m talking about…), for us it’s just the opposite!
We come back pumped as hell to show you more and more behind the scenes of the creation of Lethis – Path of Progress II.

To make a brief assessment of the past few months, we continue to develop the game on the money reserves accumulated with the sales of the first game. However, these reserves are in sharp decline and the game no longer sells as much as it used to (which was expected).
We will have to seriously keep looking at the problem of financing the project. We will of course keep you informed of progress in this area, but note that this is really time consuming.
We have already produced several buildings that will soon allow us to build a basic prototype. On the dev side, Sinsem is in the process of finalizing the map editor. We’ll tell you about it soon.
The goal is to be able to build a simple prototype that gives an overview of the game, especially to obtain the necessary funding for its complete development.

And in order to show off a bit, we’re going to look the first part of the realization of a particular building. If it is not yet useful in the game, it will nevertheless give you a glimpse of its atmosphere and history.

I have named it: The Imperial Fort.

Manfred looked at the huge building in front of him. If he had never doubted that the Empire’s military power, he could only be impressed by the architecture that resulted from it.
This massive tower had enough to make you dizzy. And what about the turrets with huge guns! The slightest of its shells could dust an entire building.
The Imperial flag flew in the wind, at the top of the tower, as a silent warning pointing towards the sky.
The turrets started to move to point towards a common goal. Their slow pivoting made the metal squeak and caused a smell of grease and rust.
It was the formidable machine, the death machine that screamed in the heart of the city that it was ready, and that it was waiting for only a tiny spark to set the sky alight.
A few seconds, perhaps even a few minutes passed in the silence of this radiant summer day. Then the turrets turned again to return to their original positions.
Manfred breathed a large bowl of fresh air and walked away with ever faster and faster steps.

Part one

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