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14 Jun 2018
by Noodle

The Well

Hello everybody!

Here we are again for a new Devblog article focused on game graphics.
And today we’re going to talk about nothing less than building improvements.

Because yes, in Lethis – Path of Progress II service buildings can be upgraded to keep up with your residential neighborhoods.
We will come back to the functionalities of building improvement later to focus on the artistic approach for now.

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04 Jun 2018
by Sinsem

Buildings size in a city builder

Ok, I know the title isn’t appealing at all but this is an important part of our design process and I’d very much like to share it with you.

It may come at a surprise for some people but the actual size of each building serves a larger purpose than just “Oh it’s big it must be important”. After all it is buildings built near one another that form the shape of your city. It’s a major part of how your city feels. Read more

24 May 2018
by Noodle

How to Art : Rock Ground

Hey, everybody!

Here we are again for a new blog post.
First of all we thank you for being more and more numerous to join us on Discord ( and to follow us on the devblog and on social networks!

Today I will talk about the process I use to create the ground texture.
The ground is not the easiest thing to do, because vast areas are visible on the screen and the texture is divided into isometric tiles. It become necessary to avoid that the repetition of tiles is seen too much while having as much diversity as possible.

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14 May 2018
by Sinsem

Building a rectangular isometric world

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to leave the world of pretty graphics and enter the one of maths beneath it.

Isometric 2D is a weird thing. It’s 2D pretending to be 3D, but it is still very much 2D. Also no one really uses it nowadays except strange people like us.
There is no standard way to do isometric 2D (as we know) so every time we encounter a problem, we kind of have to tinker with code and in this specific case we had to think of a new way to organize our tiles.
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23 Apr 2018
by Noodle


Here we are! The first devblog post of this new adventure.
But let’s start at the beginning and give you a bit of context. Triskell Interactive is two people: Sinsem & Noodle. A duo that started in 2007… on the internet!
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