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The Imperial Fort

28 Sep 2018
by Noodle

Hello everyone!

We’re meeting for a new blog post today, and since I’m in charge this time, I’m going to finish what I started a couple weeks back.
You will therefore be able to enjoy the second part of the speed painting of the Imperial Fort.

It’s an important building to me, because I like the idea of the Empire becoming militarized and radicalized.
Because in Lethis’ universe, nothing is black and white, the notions of good and evil are rather vague.
That is why I would like to explore the possibility that the Empire may come into conflict with its neighbours.
This war that is being prepared can be, for the player, an economic opportunity. But at the same time, if a conflict breaks out, will the population support the Empire?
To what extent are the people willing to accept the manufacture of weapons that may kill their children?
This is one of the theme I would like to convey in the game, and to give substance to this idea, I need to express it with buildings that show the martial aspect of the Empire.

The fort is a fine example of this, it is an imposing, austere, martial building, which stands proudly with its high towers and powerful cannons. It’s there to say “Look, this is the Empire, and we will crush anyone who wants to get in our way”.

It is also possible to make derivatives of the Fort to obtain mini fortifications or, as shown here, a defensive gun.

I think the population of The Empire of Lethis is loyal, at least at first, because it is coming out of a period of great prosperity (Lethis – Path of Progress ends on the golden age of the Empire). People are happy and living conditions are improving greatly, even in the countryside.
But for how long will the population support a belligerent government eager for power, money and blood?
I would like the player to find himself in the delicate position of one who must both satisfy his people, and at the same time satisfy the government embodied by the Emperor.
While knowing that the interests of each other are not the same.
This would give depth to the game, focusing not only on the development of the city, but also on choices that could sometimes be difficult.

But for the moment it’s only an idea (And this DOES NOT mean that there will be combats in Lethis – Path of Progress II) and I’ll leave you with the last part of the creation of the fort:

And here is the final result!

To give you some news about Triskell Interactive, we are currently in discussion with various potential partners in order to better develop the Lethis universe. This could take different directions, and we are taking the time to make the right decision.

On that note, take care of yourself, don’t hesitate to join us on Discord ( and leave a comment, we read them all and, in case of questions, we try to answer them as best we can.



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