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Today’s the day!

24 Oct 2019
by Noodle

Lethis – Path of Progress is officially available on Nintendo Switch (
We wouldn’t have imagined that when we started development on PC some 5 years ago.
Now, every time you want to scratch that city building itch, you can just pick up your console and play. In the bus or waiting for the bus, hidden in the bathroom during a boring family dinner, tucked in your bed instead of getting ready for work. The possibilities are endless!

As we said before, it’s basically the same game, the controls work better than we anticipated, we adjusted a few things to make it a bit easier to play but there is nothing you can do on the PC version that you can’t on the Switch.

It’s a great opportunity to rediscover the game, or even better, show it to people who don’t play on PC. There are not many city builders available on consoles, and we feel Lethis – Path of Progress can be a great entry to the genre.


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