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Contest result and Artists

14 Dec 2018
by Noodle

Hello, everyone!

We are here today to applaud the 3 winners of the Lethis – Papercraft contest and to give you some insight about the specialized houses in Lethis – Path of Progress II!
So to begin, thank you to all the participants, you were many and we are very happy! The idea of creating a papercraft book in the Lethis universe seems to please! We will think about this type of product when the time comes (we’re thinking about crowdfunding maybe?).

For the moment, fate has chosen its winners, and here are the three new owners of a Lethis house (in paper, obviously):

  • Matthew
  • Aaron
  • Thibaud Levasseur

We will send you an email to all of you to ask for your postal address and send you your gift!
We will certainly have more contests in the future, with other derivative products that we will have to produce by then, so keep an eye on the devblog 😉

Now let’s talk about specialized houses.
And no, I can see you already paying attention, but we’re not going to talk about gameplay or game design, at least not yet, I’ll let Sinsem talk to you about all this better than me.
We leave you with a short background text and the images of the first specialized house we created: This is the first level of specialization “Artist”.


“What a strange neighborhood!”
The walker had just exclaimed as he entered this particular area of Falhüm.
The houses were all colourful, sometimes decorated with multicoloured frescoes, the gardens were both wild and neat. There were statues and beautiful iron sculptures.
In the sky, an ornate balloon was suspended.

“Can I help you?”
A man had just appeared in front of the walker and seemed to be waiting for a positive answer with excitement.

“Well, listen, yes, why not. I… I am discovering the city and I find this district particularly impressive. What’s going on here? Why are all these houses so colorful?”
“You don’t know the district of the Thousand Flowers?” replied his interlocutor.

“This is where you can find the city’s artists. Well, most of them anyway. Painters, sculptors, poster designers, poets, pastellists, decorators… All these extraordinary people who make the city proud and contribute to Culture, with a big C!”

The walker seemed impressed. It was the first time he had ever seen such a neighborhood. Older cities, or smaller ones, did not necessarily include an artists’ district.
Artists existed everywhere, of course, but as individuals, scattered in the city or in the countryside. Creating a specific neighborhood for them seemed like a rather crazy idea to him.

“It’s extraordinary!” said the walker.
“But, I don’t quite understand, why did all these people decide to live together? I mean, it’s a bit of a curious idea to want to get together like this, isn’t it? Although I’m very happy about it, because the neighborhood is very pleasant.”

The man he had met coughed a little and smiled at the walker.
“See that building over there, between the two small buildings? This is the Joint Workshop. The city has provided artists with a place to practice their arts. They find all the necessary material, they can exchange with each other on the creative processes, share techniques. And above all, they will find a Master there. He is there to give advice, the cityl employs him to find the inhabitants likely to become great artists! He then takes them to the Thousand Flowers district, and finds them accommodation. He’s also responsible for managing the available places in the neighbourhood. He’s an important character. Here Master Alden is in charge of the Thousand Flowers. It is very well known, especially for his work on the four seasons. The district is called the Thousand Flowers in honour of his works. He loves flowers very much.”

The walker was speechless. What a great idea! A district full of artists, who could exchange, share, create, under the supervision of a recognized Master. He decided he liked the idea very much.
“Well, thank you for the explanations,” replied the walker.
“By the way, forgive my bad manners, I didn’t introduce myself, Adrian Malderoy, I live in a small town north of here, and I like this idea of artist residencies. I’m going to say a few words to the municipality as soon as I get back!”

The walker lifted his hat as a greeting.

“No problem, sir,” replied his interlocutor.
“Feel free to take a look around, often our gardens are open and our houses also serve as galleries to display our works.”

“OUR works?” asked the walker.

“Yes, I am part of this brilliant community! Arthur Flyès, to serve you. Poet of the ordinary and painter of disorder.”

The two men continued to exchange for many minutes before their paths separated.
The sun was gently declining above the ochre roofs, making the warm shadows dance on the colored walls. A cricket began to sing somewhere in the back of a garden. In the heart of the city, hidden from view, an enchanted little corner produced the future great artists of the Empire.


See you!




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